Sign Up For A FREE
$10 Open Bowling Certificate!


Signing up for bowling rewards is simple and easy. Here are 4 steps on how the card works.

1) GET A CARD: Stop by our center and ask us for a Bowler Rewards card. This card will come with $10 already on it.

2) ACTIVATE YOUR CARD: To activate the card visit to complete a registation form. If you do not have access to a computer let us know. You can fill out a registation form and we can activate the card for you.

3) EARN REWARDS: Present your card when paying and we will put 10% of your total purchase back on to your Bowlers Reward Card.

4) REDEEM REWARDS: Return back to the center where you can use your earned rewards for OPEN BOWLING AND SHOE RENTAL. THE CARD MUST BE ACTIVATED BEFORE YOU CAN REDEEM REWARDS.